Local History Projects

HONR 391/HIST 390: Backyard Adventures

Spring 2021

Everything has a history and knowing our own local history helps us understand ourselves, our communities, and can satisfy our basic human curiosity. The projects from this course were designed to explore local history and engage in
conversation about the purpose and nature of community and why history matters.

Come Explore These Backyard Adventures!

HIST 295: Research and Writing in History, Fall 2019

Over the semester, students in this course designed digital history exhibit, based upon original research in local historical societies, archives, libraries, and museums. The purpose of this class is to begin students’ formation in historical thinking, research, and writing.  It introduces them to historiography and methodology of being a historian.  Through the local history projects, students explored new ways of conveying historical knowledge, embracing digital or online technology. 

HIST 390: African American History Since 1865, Fall 2014

HIST 390 students at Purdue University Calumet created this presentation based on their study of the 1919 Chicago race riot, which became timely in light of the Ferguson, Mo., protests.